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Healthy You

For support and further information to keep you well and to support your health and wellbeing.
Sexual Health
In Suffolk there are a range of services to support your sexual health needs.
Image of a wrapped condom leaning a glass of water, with blue tablets lying beside on a white table.
Drinking Sensibly
We commission Turning Point to provide help, advice and support around alcohol for adults and young people.
Glass of whisky, with person resting their head on table in background.
Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing
Good mental health and wellbeing is important in order to feel good about yourself, to get the most out of your life and to feel connected to others.
Three face emojis, unhappy, neutral and happy.
Children, Young People & Families
In Suffolk there are a range of public health services to support your children and your family.
A group of eight children looking down into camera with hands meeting in middle to form a star shape.
Substance Misuse
We commission treatment services for drug and alcohol misuse for adults and young people.
An image containing a black tea cup, two bottles of tablets on their sides, two syringes, packets of white power and two lines of white powder, a glass of whisky, a cigarette and lighter, an ashtray containing smoke cigarettes and one unsmoked.  Various c
NHS Health Checks
Health checks help to prepare you for the future and identify ways to improve your health.
NHS health checks logo
Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence
Help and advice if you or someone you know is the victim of domestic abuse.
Domestic Abuse
Urgent Health Help
Understand what health services are available locally, and use the appropriate healthcare service for your needs.
Urgent Health Help