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Do you know how much you're drinking?

Perhaps you’ll only drink if you are getting together with friends, or maybe you have a  drink at home once the kids have gone to bed or treat yourself a little too often to help cope with the stresses of life.

Whichever category you find yourself falling into, there may be some small changes you could make which could make a big difference not only to the way you feel the next day, but also to your bank balance, quality of life or focus and motivation day to day.

Get clued up on your drinking habits by taking the DrinkCoach Test today and start making small changes to your lifestyle that you, your family and future self will thank you for!

Can you relate?

For more advice and information about alcohol check out the links below

Be inspired

Sometimes someone else's story can be just the thing we need to consider how our own lives may look if we were to apply some changes.