Poverty Strategy

Suffolk County Council has developed a Tackling Poverty Strategy and Action Plan with the aims of supporting people born into poverty, and those who fall into poverty, to be able to move out of poverty and maintain their position outside of poverty.

The strategy and plan has been informed through widespread consultation, co-production and research. We have:

  • Reviewed national and local data to help us identify what the issues and needs are in Suffolk.
  • Carried out co-production and consultation activities with over 75 local voluntary, charity and social enterprise sector organisations that work with people experiencing poverty
  • Worked with 11 local charities to get the views and experiences of adults with lived experience of poverty
  • Carried out co-production activities with 50 young people
  • Surveyed schools
  • Surveyed Council staff who work with people who are experiencing poverty
  • Carried out research to identify approaches, initiatives and projects that are shown to work. This will help us match proven solutions with the needs we identify from the data and the co-production work.

The Tackling Poverty Strategy, Action Plans and Reports can be found below:

Co-Production of the Poverty Strategy

An important aspect of the development of the poverty strategy and action plan is that it is co-produced with people with lived experience of poverty, and the organisations that help those people. Our Tackling Poverty Strategy and Action Plan will be developed, delivered, monitored, and evaluated in partnership with people who have experience living in poverty.

If you would be interested in getting involved, please email costofliving@suffolk.gov.uk.